Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Netflix, How could you?

I have been an avid Netflix user since inception. Originally signing up for the $14.99 plan to have three DVDs out at a time. During the initial rate hikes a few years ago I was grandfathered in with my current pricing. However, at the beginning of this year there was another round of increased rates and I was informed that my plan would no longer be valid. I reevaluated my needs and realized I could live with the one DVD plan for $9.99. Now Netflix, just a few months later, is increasing this same service to $15.98. The streaming was always a bonus to me because of the gross unavailability of new content. It was just something to do on the occasional late night that I had nothing going on. I will be certainly canceling the streaming portion of this service. And a company that once received $9.99 from me will now only get $7.99, and perhaps this will be canceled too. I think I can get more DVDs from Redbox in a month for my $8 than Netflix. How about something for us loyal customers who have been around for a while, Netflix?

I'm certain this will have an initial negative impact on the companies financials. But they are moving into South America soon and that should help bump back up their bottom line. Still this is not a good thing to do to their initial fanbase.

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