Friday, April 6, 2012

Best Buy: Being more e-commerce

I just received an email from Best Buy's CEO Brian Dunn. Take a look at the what's changing with the Best Buy Premier Silver memberships.

I hope you're enjoying your spring, and I hope this note makes it just a little bit better – because starting in June, we're enhancing your Premier Silver membership with new benefits that we hope will make your technology buying experience that much better:
1.60-day price-match and 60-day hassle-free returns
We've doubled the length of your hassle-free returns and price match policies to 60 days to ensure your total satisfaction. We want to give you plenty of time to make the right decision on your purchases, and also make sure that you're getting your technology at the best prices. That's why we've extended your hassle-free returns and price match policies to 60 days to ensure your total satisfaction.
2.Free expedited shipping and free delivery
Now when you order from you'll get free expedited shipping and free delivery, so you will get your new technology in half the time as standard shipping. You can also get your purchases even sooner with same day in-store pick-up.
3.A free house call from Geek Squad
Take advantage of one complimentary annual visit from our tech experts. They'll be there to help you solve one of your common technology issues, from computer tune-ups, to TV calibrations, to remote control programming.
4.Premier access to must-have new products and sales events
As a Premier Silver member, you'll also receive premier access to some of the hottest new technologies and iconic sales events like Black Friday.
5.Free unlimited phone support
You'll now receive unlimited access to our new 24/7 helpline to remedy any account or technology issue. No matter the time of night, how big or small your problem, our 866-RZ-PREMR helpline has your back.
I believe this is a great start to being more e-commerce friendly. However, this excludes the majority of their customers that don't spend a lot of money at Best Buy every year. For those that don't know, you need to spend $2,500 annually at Best Buy to retain Premier Silver status as a Reward Zone customer.

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